S|S 2013 Campaign

Photographer: Gwendolyn Janelle Tan
Model: Betty Flies
Make up & Hair: Roseanne Tang

COLOURS IS THE CAUSE OF INSPIRATION FOR REZILIENZ MOUSSEUX COULEUR S/S 2013 COLLECTION 3rd February 2013 – REZILIENZ Spring/Summer Collection 2013 is the very first time Jewelry designer and Founder; Jeron Teo chooses to use bright vibrant colours for his new collection. Mousseux Couleur Spring/Summer Collection, coined to mean sparkling and colorful in French, is a unique approach for REZILIENZ whose jewelry tend to be cool and classy. In this collection, Jeron steps out of his comfort zone to express that REZILIENZ jewelry can border colorful and exuberant at the same time, excellently positioned for the women who loves unique jewelry pieces. Inspired by the colors of nature and beautifully made with Swarovski Elements, the theme of this collection is an infusion of colors and exoticism. Colors like sunshine yellow, turquoise, ruby and emerald were chosen to create the unique pieces. Reflecting the inspiration of flowers, seas, birds of paradise and greenery, this jewelry line is aimed to create a sense of joy and peace to the individual who would like to take a piece of nature’s vibrancy with them wherever they go. Collaborating with local photographer, Gwendolyn, the photo shoot was visualized to be stripped down; and the bareness of the model was shot such that the images center the beauty of the jewelry pieces. Launched in 14 unique designs, the collection comprises of a good mixture of necklaces, earrings, drop earrings and bangles. With strong ornamental pendant pieces as the key focus this season, it is guaranteed that they will look fabulous when accompanied with this Spring/Summer’s latest trends. Known for his exquisite craftsmanship, Jeron's special signature wiring brings on a different approach to normal jewelry. Such incomparable style is first of its kind that gives a balance of edge and elegance to his jewelry pieces. Like the fingerprints of jewelry craftsmanship, you will never find another REZILIENZ jewelry to be identical as each piece is handcrafted with unparalleled attention. Being special and different makes this creation uniquely you.

REZILIENZ Mousseux Couleur Spring/Summer 2013 Collection is now exclusively available at W Store at W Singapore Sentosa Cove.