Where can you find REZILIENZ?


Where does your jewellery come from?

- It is carefully Crafted in Singapore.

What kind of material are you using?

- All of our products are made with Swarovski Element, stainless steel wires & chains.

Why Stainless steel & rhodium?

- Every piece of jewelry is unique and carefully crafted. At Rezilienz, we choose stainless steel & rhodium as it is easier to maintain and your special piece of jewelry will last longer as it does not tarnish, unlike silver.

Why Crystals From Swarovski®?

- We choose Crystals From Swarovski® for the crystal quality and the shine induced by the cut of the crystal.

How unique is your jewellery?

- Every piece of jewellery is Crafted with each design only available in limited quantities. Some special edition pieces will be limited to one piece only. Every piece of jewelry will come with a unique serial number in the authenticity card provided.

Does Rezilienz provide custom-made services?

- Yes, we do! If you have a special design of your own, contact us at info@rezilienz.com and our designer will be more than happy to serve you!

Do you provide repairs of jewellery from REZILIENZ?

- Yes we do! We are committed to providing you with great customer service and every REZILIENZ products come with a 2 years Warranty Your Jewelry is automatically registered when you purchase with REZILIENZ.

If you need your jewelry repaired, please e-mail us titled “Repairs” to info@rezilienz.com with the following information.

-*Full Name
-*Serial Number of the jewelry
-A Photo of the jewelry to repair
-Date of purchase

*Please provide the full information from the invoice and authenticity card.

Do you provide international shipping?

Currently we do not accept international orders through the website to inquire about international order please kindly contact us at sales@rezilienz.com

Singapore Shipping
There may be an extra charge of $10 any where in Singapore, after the promotions of free shipping is over.