W BonBon Collection

REZILIENZ X W SINGAPORE presents a delightful confectionery of sparkles with the limited edition W BonBon Collection by REZILIENZ, Designer Jeron Teo is inspired by the Bonbon artwork which is installed by the side of W Pool, "bonbon" mean sweets in France, the delightful collection resembles the sweet partnership between the two brands. The love affair started back in 2012 when W Singapore spotted REZILIENZ on the Runway and invited REZILIENZ to showcase the pieces in the W Store and the rest is history. This W BonBon Collection is a burst of vibrant colours made with Swarovski Crystals with designs shaped like sweets couples with REZILIENZ wire technique to make each individual piece unique and poised to place you as the eye candy in the crowd REZILIENZ wishes W Singapore more sweets years ahead.