REZILIENZ Invites you to experience elegance in a whole new way with the launch of two new pieces: the Key of Faith necklace and Classic Stud Earrings.
The Key of Faith is part of the Classic Collection, and is relaunched with a fresh interpretation, crafted with innovative materials and lovingly personalised with traditional techniques.The journey of its creation starts in East Asia, the pendent’s base designed in Singapore and Made in Japan. Flown back to Singapore, each piece is then adorned with handpicked Swarovski crystals and finally hand-stitched with REZILIENZ’s traditional metal weaving technique.

New to the Classic Collection is the Classic Stud Earrings. Upholding REZILIENZ’s philosophy for creating exquisite, handcrafted pieces, the earrings are also hand-stitched with the REZILIENZ’s traditional metal weaving technique and adorned with Swarovski crystals.