Project | #REZILIENZParis January 31 2018

8 September 2017 mark an important milestone for REZILIENZ as the First Singapore Brand to take part in bijorhca Paris 2017 with this step REZILIENZ step out of Singapore to take a look of the world and to offer it’s very own unique jewellery making technic to the market. 
With this show we launched our classic collection and our statements collection to the France Market.
The New Live Again Bracelet
The New Classic Statements Earrings
REZILIENZ also launched it's new house for it's Jewellery


 The New House 

With the great respone we had with our design we will be stepping in to London Jewellery Show in 2018 from Europe, we are building an resilient luxury brand that can stand the test of time.

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5th Anniversary Celebration September 02 2016

REZILIENZ had just celebrated it's 5th Anniversary at Grand Park Orchard, is indeed a milestone for us and a sparkling night for our invited guests.

To celebrate REZILIENZ 5th Anniversary, Jeron Teo had design 3 main pieces that showcase the ability of the brand and with a mission of building it’s own Private Collection and two out of three will not be available to the publics, As the Official Branding Partner Swarovski had supported with material for the pieces.

REZILIENZ 5th Anniversary Piece | Faith Pendant Statement Necklace.

The Phoenix Statement Necklace.

The Waterfall Statement Necklace.


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The Launch of W BonBon Collection December 29 2015

18 November 2015 REZILIENZ X W SINGAPORE presents a delightful confectionery of sparkles with the limited edition W BonBon Collection by REZILIENZ, Designer Jeron Teo is inspired by the Bonbon artwork which is installed by the side of W Pool, "bonbon" mean sweets in France, the delightful collection resembles the sweet partnership between the two brands. The love affair started back in 2012 when W Singapore spotted REZILIENZ on the Runway and invited REZILIENZ to showcase the pieces in the W Store and the rest is history. This W BonBon Collection is a burst of vibrant colours made with Swarovski Crystals with designs shaped like sweets couples with REZILIENZ wire technique to make each individual piece unique and poised to place you as the eye candy in the crowd REZILIENZ wishes W Singapore more sweets years ahead.

“Founder & creator Jeron Teo will captivate your fancy with all of his imaginative collections, ranging from the timeless Key Of Faith collection to the playful yet endearing W BonBon Collection.” - Sharon B Tan |   Celebrity Stylist

“I think it is a delightful collaboration with W, good synergy to represent the vibrant partnership between REZILIENZ & W Hotel have this past few years” - Mabel Heng | Senior Executive of Robinson Singapore



W BonBon - Limited Edition


Check out REZILIENZ.COM for all the collection.


Launch Of The Classic July 23 2015

Bespoke jewellery brand REZILIENZ invites you to experience elegance in a whole new way with the launch of two new pieces: the Key of Faith necklace and Classic Stud Earrings.

22 July 2015 - Individually crafted for the discerning modern woman, each bespoke piece exudes timeless elegance and carries the classic brilliance of Swarovski crystals.

Created in celebration of REZILIENZ’s 4th anniversary, the pieces hold special meaning to founder Jeron Teo, marking his eventful march throughout the past four years.


The Key of Faith is part of the Classic Collection, and is relaunched with a fresh interpretation, crafted with innovative materials and lovingly personalised with traditional techniques.

 The journey of its creation starts in East Asia, the pendent’s base designed in Singapore and Made in Japan. Flown back to Singapore, each piece is then adorned with handpicked Swarovski crystals and finally hand-stitched with REZILIENZ’s traditional metal weaving technique.


*REZILIENZ’s hand-stitched traditional metal weaving technique.

  The Key of Faith is available in three different materials:

  • Rhodium Plated (Silver) with stainless steel wiring, priced at SGD$260
  • Rose Gold Plated with Rose gold plated wiring, priced at SGD$320
  • 18K Gold Plated with gold plated wiring, priced at SGD$360.



New to the Classic Collection is the Classic Stud Earrings (pictured right). Upholding REZILIENZ’s philosophy for creating exquisite, handcrafted pieces, the earrings are also hand-stitched with the REZILIENZ’s traditional metal weaving technique and adorned with Swarovski crystals.

  The earrings are available in both Cushion Cut and oval cut crystals. Each glittering crystal comes encased within a whimsical, swirling nest bringing a touch of vintage elegance to any outfit.

The Classic Stud Earrings are highly customisable. Customers can choose between Cushion Cut and oval cut crystals in either clear or moss green.

The come in three different sizes:

  • Small earrings are priced at SGD$280
  • Medium earrings are priced at SGD$280
  • Large earrings are priced at SGD$320


Conceptualised in 2006, REZILIENZ stepped out in 2010 to elevate the options for exquisite bespoke jewellery pieces in the market. They have since showcased their works on the ST Classified Runway in 2012 and current retail at W Singapore Sentosa Cove, Shangri La Singapore & Shangri La Kuala Lumpur.

The homegrown brand aims to produce one-of-a-kind, elegant products that shines with a customer’s individuality. This is why founder and designer, Jeron Teo, takes the time to personally craft and create each piece. This philosophy stems from Jeron’s belief that, jewellery, like style, should create a personal statement and showcase an individual’s personality and character. REZILIENZ aims to continually design pieces that imbue the wearer with confidence, and enhance their spirit of individuality. REZILIENZ jewellery is perfect or special occasions, the brilliance of each piece guaranteed to bring you into the spotlight.


As a child, founder and designer Jeron Teo was fascinated by the manipulability of hardware and other metal pieces in his parents’ workshop. His humble background, helping out in his parents’ shop, gave him the opportunity to fashion simple pieces out of scrap metal and has since led to a love affair with jewellery design. The enterprising designer brought his passion for creation to Swarvoski and has since partnered with them to create bespoke jewellery. His hobby has since developed into a thriving avenue. He launched his business in 2010 and called it REZILIENZ, a reflection of his motto of perseverance. Jeron’s talent is put to good use, creating exclusive, meaningful pieces for women.

Highlight of the Launch

REZILIENZ | Raison d'être Classic Collection July 04 2014

Rezilienz, a local bespoke jewellery brand, held its Raison d'être Classic Collection Launch in partnership with Swarovski on the 3rd of July, which is both the 1st anniversary of the brand and the birth date of its founder Jeron Teo. The intimate event held in W Singapore Sentosa Cove, and was hosted by award- winning host, Belinda Lee. Guests were encouraged to tour around the studio to have a look at the brand’s signature pieces while awaiting the release of the new collection.

Raison d'être Classic, the new primary collection of REZILIENZ, was revealed later in the evening and was revealed to comprise of 3 handcrafted keys, each individual crafted with Swarovski elements. Each represented the founder, Jeron’s core values, Love, Faith and Strength. Each with story of its own, was unveiled on a wire-crafted tree that signified the Tree of Knowledge. Hanging the keys on the “Tree of Knowledge”, symbolises the keys as lessons for us gain in life.

This event is proudly sponsored by Swarovski and W Singapore.




Key Of Faith

The first of three keys, the Key of Faith, is made with an oval-shaped, clear crystal, shaped like an eye, it reflects how Faith is the ability to see beyond reality. Taking the step to open an unknown door and accepting what may come requires a leap of faith to go beyond what we can see.


Key Of Love


The second, the Key of Love was inspired by Jeron’s dear friend, Belinda Lee’s journey. The key is a symbol of love not just between lovers, but between family and friends as well. It is a key to give hope to those who are searching for love, to believe that they hold the key to unlocking the right door that will lead them to the love they need. This special key is made with an exquisite heart shaped cut crystal by Swarovski.


Key Of Strength


Last but not least, the Key of Strength’s main focus is its deep blue, triangle crystal that symbolises strength. An engineer by training, Jeron knows that the shape of a triangle is the strongest and most unbreakable. He hopes consumers would be inspired to adopt this attitude when approaching life. Strength, coupled with REZILIENZ, can make life’s mysterious journey easier to navigate.

No two pieces are like in this bespoke jewellery brand. REZILIENZ offers handcrafted pieces; lovingly curated and created by Jeron’s one-of-a-kind technique that ensures the Swarovski elements are nestled within high-quality, moulded wiring. 


REZILIENZ Raison d'être Classic Collection is sold at $199 each and will be exclusively available at W Store at W Singapore Sentosa Cove & from 4 July 2014 onwards. 



Welcome to REZILIENZ new online store! October 16 2013

Welcome to REZILIENZ online store! This website has been revamped to serve you better. We hope to be able to give you an excellent REZILIENZ experience and to bring our exquisite pieces closer to you.


We hope you have a good time!